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Faculty Experts

NIEC brings together the diverse expertise and rich ground experience of the EC faculty in our four campuses (ITE, NP, TP and City) to deliver quality courses and unified foundational training for aspiring EC educators.


Meet some of them below.

Professional Development

Dr Kok Siat Yeow

Deputy Campus Head, NIEC (City)

Dr. Kok Siat Yeow has had over 15 years of teaching, supervisory and administrative experience in her role as childcare teacher and supervisor of childcare centres. She completed her Doctorate in Education in 2011 and her thesis was on developing cognitive functions and enhancing learning effectiveness in preschool children. Dr. Kok has been overseeing the development of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses for educators and leaders.

Chinese Language

Dr Ng Sok Hoon Ginia

Senior Lecturer, Chinese Programmes, NIEC (City)

Dr. Ng's teaching and research areas include Chinese Language and Literacy in early childhood, Principle and Practices in Early Childhood Education, Child Development and children's visual art education. She also teaches the Bachelor in Early Childhood Chinese Education degree programme at the Singapore University of Social Sciences. The prolific writer of 3 series of Chinese readers for young children and teaching aids has always worked within the early childhood sector.

Malay Language

Dr Raudhah Yahya

Lecturer, NIEC (NP)

Dr Raudhah Yahya is a senior curriculum specialist and senior lecturer at the National Institute of Early Childhood Development (NIEC). Her learning and teaching experiences in Singapore, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Canada and Oman have enabled her to gain better understanding of learners with diverse needs from different age groups ranging from toddlers to post-graduate students. Dr Raudhah has shared her expertise at various local and international conferences and events related to Early Childhood Education. Her research interests include play pedagogy, home-school discourses, children's thinking, teachers’ beliefs and practices, and inclusive practices in school.

Tamil Language

Dr Sukuna S. Vijayadevar

Lead Curriculum Specialist, NIEC HQ

Dr. Vijayadevar earned a Doctor of Philosophy from the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand with an emphasis on examining collaborative leadership practices in Singapore’s early childhood context through professional learning communities. Her research interests include leadership and educators’ reflective practices. She has developed professional development courses for Tamil preschool educators and is involved in the training programmes. She has also participated in several symposiums and workshops organised by Ministry of Education in promoting Mother Tongue Languages.

Birth to 3

Ms DK Gowri

Lecturer, NIEC (City)

Ms Gowri has more than 30 years of field experience as a classroom teacher, principal, curriculum writer, preschool director and trainer. She has developed many enrichment programmes for children from diverse backgrounds, including Singapore, India, Malaysia and Indonesia. Ms Gowri strongly believes in Continues Professional Development and she also believes that leading by example is her most powerful teaching tool. She specialises in Principles and Practices, Designing Learning environment, Action Research, Early Years and Professional Development.

Sectoral Leadership

Dr Siti Shaireen Selamat

Assistant Dean, Faculty & Leadership Development, NIEC HQ

Dr Shaireen has over 25 years of experience in the early childhood sector, including a wide range of practical experience as a lecturer, principal, curriculum developer and preschool educator. She has written for several early childhood publications, participating in research on culture, providing insights on leadership, and bridging the early childhood practice gap. She recently completed her doctoral thesis, ‘Exploring early childhood leadership in Singapore from a policy to practice context’.

Inclusive Practice

Ms Celine Kim

Lecturer, NIEC (NP)

Ms Celine joined the early intervention sector as a behavioral therapist, and has had 10 years of experience working with children with special needs. She teaches modules related to early intervention and teaching approaches, as well as childhood disorders and disabilities. She is also in the process of submitting her PhD thesis in education, and her research topics and interests are in the areas of disability studies, inclusion, and the work of special educators within mainstream settings.

Outdoor Learning

Nor Jehan Mohamed Salleh

Lecturer, NIEC (City)

Ms Jehan has been in the early childhood education field for over 20 years. She started out as an Assistant Teacher in a Kindergarten and subsequently added on to her professional portfolio various influential roles including a Teacher, Head of Department, Centre Leader, Centre Manager for Curriculum and Programme and also as a Consultant for setting up new early childhood education centres. Her specialised areas of expertise includes Outdoor Learning, Language and Literacy, Motor Skills Development, Partnerships with Families and the Communities and Designing Learning Environment.