The road ahead as a preschool teacher may be a tough one without an inventory of the right skills and knowledge. But don’t worry, we’ve got you!


From understanding how you can help children develop skills in areas like Numeracy and Motor Skills Development to mastering the art of managing a classroom, our experienced lecturers will ensure you’ll be able to nurture, inspire, educate and care for our little ones.  



Our practice-oriented approach to learning also means that you’ll have plenty of hands-on learning experiences before you go out into the big open. The video below will tell you more!



Deepen your skills with specialisations you can take in your final year*! Both NIEC (NP) and NIEC (TP) offer the Diploma in Early Childhood Development & Education where you can graduate in the Early Intervention or Visual Arts track respectively!

*Subject to prevailing terms and conditions

Try your hand at some of our taster lessons made especially for you to get an even better idea of how classes at NIEC are like.

Get a sneak peek of some of the facilities we have in all 3 of our campuses. Our trusty student guides will show you around!


There’s nothing quite like grasping what an experience is like by seeing it through the eyes of those that have lived it. Here are some of our favourite Instagram shots from our students.