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With the launch of the refreshed Skills Framework for Early Childhood (SFw) in Oct 2021 and the Leadership Development Framework (LDF) in Mar 2022, the content of the Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Leadership has been revised and is now renamed as Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Centre Leadership.


Learn to develop core competencies to lead teams and centre operations to meet organisational goals and develop a good foundation in curriculum and Pedagogical leadership. You’ll get to:


Develop a good foundation in Curriculum & Pedagogical Leadership

Lead in evaluating and formulating curriculum designs and pedagogical approaches that provide holistic and meaningful inclusive learning experiences and quality care for children.

Strengthen leadership skills

Develop core competencies to lead teams and centre operations including self-management, resilience, critical thinking and decision making. 

Acquire the competencies to lead centres in Strategic & Administrative Leadership

Guide centre team to align programmes and goals to the organisational's visions, missions and values.  

Please refer to this FAQ document for more detailed information on the revised ADECL


Upon completion of the two PDCs, you will be conferred the ADECL by NIEC, and qualify for leadership appointments at early childhood development centres.


Find out more about the modules covered in this course here.


Skills-Based Modular Courses (SBMC)

The following 2 modules under PDC 1 of this course are offered as Skills-Based Modular Courses (SBMC):


  • Designing Early Childhood Programmes (DECP)
  • Leading in Curriculum & Pedagogy (LDCP)


Entry Requirements

Option A: Full Qualification

  • Be nominated by an Early Childhood Development Centre;
  • Have completed an ECDA-recognised diploma in early childhood care and education or equivalent;
  • Be an ECDA-certified Level 2* preschool educator;
  • Have at least 4 years of trained teaching experience post-L2 certification and be appointed to Senior, Deputy Lead or Lead roles; and
  • Have completed the pre-requisite CPD courses as identified by ECDA and offered by NIEC.


Note: The SkillsFuture Study Award scheme has been discontinued from 1 Apr 2022 onwards. The Oct 2021 intake was the last intake for the study award. 


Option B: Modularised Structure

To be eligible for PDC 1, you will need to

  • Have completed an ECDA-recognised diploma in early childhood care and education or equivalent;
  • Be an ECDA-certified Level 2* preschool educator;
  • Have at least 4 years of trained teaching experience post-L2 certification.

To progress to PDC 2, you will need to

  • Fulfil all the entry requirements for Option A.

Applicants who are interested in applying for PDC 1 as a CPD or under Option B, may apply from Jan 2024 onwards.


Priority will be given to applicants who undergo the full qualification ADECL (i.e. applicants who have been nominated by their centres and successfully approved by NIEC).



*ECDA-certified L2(2L) candidates and/or candidates with an ECDA- recognised qualification which is NOT conducted in EL are required to obtain a minimum B4 grade in GCE ‘O’ Level English Language (EL1) or an English Language Acceptable Alternative (ELAA).

Pre-requisites for Option A

To be eligible for the revised ADECL Apr 2024 intake, applicants need to complete or be registered for the following 3 pre-requisite CPD courses before applying.

1. [NEW] Developing a Professional Portfolio for Educators (DPPE) (Open for application)

2. [NEW] Essentials of Leadership (ESLP) (Open for application)

The following CPD courses can be recognised as a pre-requisite in lieu of the ESLP:

    • “Developing the Leader in Me” a PDP(T) compulsory module by NIEC, or
    • “Senior Teacher Series Leadership Essentials for Senior Teachers” by ECDA

3. Mentoring 201: Bringing Out the Best in EC Educators (Mentoring 201)


Course Schedule

Open For Application Soon


Day & Time


Upcoming Intakes

18 months / 818 hours

Mon, Wed & Fri:

6.30pm to 9.30pm / 

9am to 4.30pm*


Apr 2024

Register your interest

18 months / 818 hours

Mon, Wed & Fri:

6.30pm to 9.30pm /

9am to 4.30pm*


April 2024

Register your interest

*For the following 3 modules, lessons will be conducted face-to-face from Monday to Friday, 9am to 4:30pm:



  • Leading Self (3 days); and
  • Supporting Diversity and Inclusive Practices (5 days)


  • Collaborative Leadership (5 days)


Please note:

  • Upon successful enrolment, applicants would be notified to complete a Pre-Course Activity 2 to 3 weeks before course commencement
  • For applicants applying for Option B: Modularised Structure, please click "Register your interest" above to be notified when applications are open.
  • Course schedule and venue are subject to changes. NIEC reserves the right to reschedule/cancel any programme and amend information without prior notice. 
  • Classes will only commence if the minimum class size is met. A confirmation email will be sent to you at least 3 weeks before course commencement.
  • Limited seats are available and applicants will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Applicants will be given priority for the next intake if seats are all taken up.
  • Your learning is important to us, and we have designed our lessons to facilitate your optimal learning experience for this course. Our courses are largely conducted online and around 20% of lessons will be conducted face-to-face for effective learning. You will be expected to attend the face-to-face lessons physically. A schedule of upcoming modules will be provided to you in advance before course commencement.
  • A course orientation will also be conducted face-to-face where you will be provided with important information about the course, NIEC’s academic policies, the support that you can expect to receive as a student and connect with your community of learning. You are required to attend this session and will be notified of the date and venue 2 to 3 weeks prior to the orientation.


Course Fees

Click here for the course fees! 


Before You Apply

Here is a checklist for you to download to prepare your application. 


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