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Congratulations! Your child has reached another important milestone in his/her life. If your child is considering to be an early childhood (EC) educator and as a parent, you are trying to find out more about the EC courses or the prospects after graduation, we've got you covered! 


Do also share this link with your child as they embark on an adventure to explore the wonderful world of being an EC educator! 






Before your child embarks on his/her EC journey, you may be wondering what the future holds for the EC sector and who we are. 


View the following videos to find out more about the early childhood sector and our courses! 




The above recordings are based on JAE 2022's admission criteria, the admission criteria for JAE 2023 is subject to changes.  



We conduct our early childhood courses in collaboration with ITE College Central, Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Temasek Polytechnic at the NIEC (ITE), NIEC (NP) and NIEC (TP) campuses respectively! Students get to enjoy dual-identity where they are both students of NIEC and the Polytechnic/ITE college they are in.


Take a tour of our EC training facilities!









Students get to deepen their skills with specialisations in their final year*!  Both NIEC (NP) and NIEC (TP) offer the Diploma in Early Childhood Development & Education, where students can graduate in the Early Intervention or Visual Arts track respectively. 


*Subject to prevailing terms and conditions 



Click through to learn more about our 3 EC courses that we offer at the various campuses: 


Here at NIEC, we provide quality training to develop confident and competent EC educators who are work-ready, self-directed and reflective practitioners. 



Students will also get to exchange learning points and interact with our lecturers from various campuses who have diverse experiences related to EC. Here's what our students have to say about their NIEC experience. 




Find more from some of our lecturers too. 



I teach a Drama module that involves various drama strategies they can apply in the classroom. I give my students roleplay scenarios to help them fully immerse themselves in the strategies. For example, I give some students the role of a teacher doing a dramatic reading of a storybook to their children! This helps them better understand the process of each strategy. 

- Ms Amelia George, lecturer 

As lecturers, we play the role of mentors too! I make time to listen to my students, especially when they are struggling to cope or need a listening ear. I always assure my students that our classroom is a safe space and they are free to express their thoughts and ask questions. Reminding them that all their questions and opinions are valued also sets an example for them. When they become teachers, they should do the same in their classroom. 


- Ms Claire Chan, lecturer

Visual arts has always been a vital area for children’s holistic development in critical thinking, openness to new experiences and creativity. These are 21st-century competencies for a new world we face today. As we train students to be early childhood educators, it is important for them to harness the interest in the visual arts, so that they can create an encouraging and creative environment for children and be the nurturing educator alongside children.

- Mr Terence Lin, lecturer

Upon graduation. they will be awarded a certificate by NIEC and the Polytechnic/ITE. They will also be eligible for teacher certification by ECDA. 


Career Pathways in EC and Salary Range

 Recently, ECDA has announced the expansion of career pathways in the EC space. This includes leadership, learning support or early intervention roles. Click here to find out more about the career pathways. 


In Oct 2022, ECDA announced that starting salaries for fresh EC diploma graduates joining Anchor Operators (AOPs) will increase from $2,600 to at least $2,800 in 2023. 



Infant Educator Track

(work with children aged 2 months to 4 years old)

$1,800 - $3,150


EC Educator Track

(work with children 4 years to 6 years old)

$2,200 - $3,550


Leadership Track

(take on centre or teacher leadership positions)

$3,150 - $7,500




Students will be eligible to apply for selected full-time degree programmes offered by the Autonomous Universities (AUs) or overseas universities.


Moreover, we provide a full range of courses for EC educators at every stage of their career. Even after graduation when they are working as an educator, they are able to continue upgrading themselves through our Post Diploma or Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses!


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