If you’ve always loved the inquisitive mind of a child and wonder how you can lay the foundation for their learning, this guide is for you!


Click on the icons in the map below to learn all about how NIEC will help you navigate your way into the wonderful world of working with young children.

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Base Camps
You can’t go on an adventure without some training! Check out how our 3 campuses – or “base camps” – equip you with the know-how and mindset you’ll need for your passage into early childhood.

Explorer's Circle
Meet some trained, fearless voyagers who are already preschool teachers! Be inspired by what they have to say about being one. Our current students also share why they want to be preschool teachers.


Mission Control

If your bags are packed and you’re ready to go, find out about the courses NIEC offers and how to apply for them via the Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE).