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Academic Records Related Enquiry

Our Academic Affairs team is here to advise on matters pertaining to academic records.

Please contact them at for certificates and transcripts related enquiries.



Further Studies

Academic Progression

Further your studies with us! Take up our Certificates, Diplomas, or Post-Diplomas courses to deepen your skills! Don’t know where to start? Get some advice by emailing us at anytime.


University Articulation

If you are looking to further your studies beyond NIEC, you can write in to to request for module exemptions or advanced standing for institutions that you are applying to. 

Singapore University of Social Sciences

NIEC students may be considered for advanced standing in the form of some module exemptions for up to 1 year. For more details, visit the following page:


National Institute of Education


NIE recognises all full-time early childhood diplomas, including the Diploma in Tamil Studies with Early Education. For more details, visit the following page(s):