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Being an early childhood (EC) educator is more than just loving children! Educators have the responsibility of having the skills and knowledge to lay the foundations of learning in the early years. Our quality training not only paves the way and equips you for what you need to be an EC professional, but also prepares you for the rewarding journey ahead as one of our children’s first teachers outside the home!


Whether you are a post-secondary student, mid-careerist or already an EC educator, you can expect an enriching experience that is also authentic and relevant.




Our training is conducted at all our 4 campuses. Courses for post-secondary students are conducted at NIEC (ITE), NIEC (NP) and NIEC (TP) while mid-careerists and existing educator can take up courses at NIEC (City), NIEC (NP) and NIEC (TP). 

All NIEC students can look forward to the following:

  • Quality Training
    No matter which campus you are taking our courses at, you will receive the same quality training to prepare you for the world of EC. Our robust curriculum is informed by national direction and specialist input in various EC areas. Enjoy practice-oriented learning through hands-on experiences such as peer teaching and unpacking real-life scenarios to learn from. This includes practicum attachments or internships at preschool centres, where you can learn within the unique context of the EC work culture.


  • A Wider EC Fraternity
    You will get to network with your fellow educators-in-training and other early childhood experts across our campuses.


  • Experienced Faculty
    Our lecturers come with knowledge in diverse areas related to EC. Meet some of our faculty experts here!


  • Purposeful Learning Facilities
    Our campuses are designed to provide an authentic learning experience. Explore some of our early childhood learning facilities on the campuses here!


Post-secondary students who take on our Diplomas or Certificate* at NIEC (ITE), NIEC (NP) and NIEC (TP) have dual-identity, which means they are a student of NIEC and the poly/ITE they are enrolled in. They can also look forward to:

Student support services

Students will be able to apply for the different financial schemes, scholarship awards and student development programmes provided by the campuses. Terms and conditions apply.

Cross-campus learning

Students can sign up for electives in niche areas that are available in other campuses and take part in EC master classes.

A global perspective

Overseas study trips and exchange programmes that will help them develop a global perspective of EC education.

Vibrant campus life

Students can also enjoy campus facilities or pick up a CCA at their respective campuses.

Group of happy NIEC students on campus

How Our Students Learn


Get an inside look into how our students get the full preschool educator training experience with hands-on learning, real-life case studies and field practice (practicums and internships)!