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1. General terms and conditions

  • Applicants may be invited to attend an interview as and when required by NIEC.
  • All applications received are subject to further approval and NIEC reserves the right to reject any applications.
  • NIEC is committed to maintain the confidentiality of the applicant’s personal information and undertakes not to reveal any of the applicant’s information to any 3rd party without prior written consent of the applicant.
  • Course schedule and venue are subject to confirmation. NIEC reserves the right to cancel/re-schedule the class and venue without prior notice.
  • Our courses are open to the following applicants:
    i. Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents
    ii. Valid Work Permit holders (must be working with an ECDA licensed preschool in a related teaching position).
  • Please note that application fee of $87.20 (inclusive of GST) is non-refundable.

2Course Withdrawal

  • A written notice must be submitted and received by NIEC before course commencement. The following refund policy applies:
100% 30 days or more before the course commencement date
75% 14 days to 29 days before the course commencement date
0% Less than 14 days before the course commencement date


3. Medical check-up

  • All pre-service applicants must undergo a medical check-up and submit the medical report to NIEC before course commencement.
  • All medical examination/pre-medical check-up expenses will have to be borne by the applicant.
  • In the event that the course has commenced but the student has not met the medical requirement, NIEC reserves the right to terminate the student’s eligibility for the course. The student will have to pay the full course fees of the consumed modules and return any training allowance/stipend (wherever applicable).
  • NIEC reserves the right to withdraw/reject an applicant with any medical history* that could impede his/her performance as an Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) practitioner.
  • *Students of early childhood education courses would have the opportunity and privilege to shape young lives and come into close contact with young children during their practicum/internship. Hence, the medical condition declaration is required to ascertain students’ suitability for the course.

4. Course Fees

  • The detailed course fees payable and funding support (if any) will be included in the offer letter upon successful enrolment. Please note that the course fees are subject to periodic review. In the event if there is an increase in the course fee due, the applicant or company (for company-sponsored applicants) is required to top up the balance for the revised course fee (if any).
  • Should applicants/ students be unsuccessful in making claims to utilise their SkillsFuture Credit, the applicant/students will be required to make payment of the 1st instalment of course fees in full. NIEC reserves the right to reject applicants or terminate the students’ eligibility for the course if payment is not received.
  • In view of the funding support received, students are strongly encouraged to work for a minimum of 6 months after completion of the course in any of the ECDA registered childcare centres and /or kindergartens. Separately, in the event there is a bond period signed between employer and the student, the student should fulfil the bond obligations as required by the employer. 
  • In the event that there are any outstanding payments for course fees, book loans and/or library fines, NIEC reserves the right to withhold the students’ Transcripts and/or Course Certificates until full payment has been received.
  • Prevailing GST rate applies to all course fees.

5. Course requirements

  • Students are encouraged to attend all classes and must attain a minimum of 75% attendance for classes.
  • Approved Absences are not considered as having met the 75% attendance requirement. Failure to attain the minimum attendance requirement of 75% will result in a “Fail” Grade for the module which will be calculated towards the student’s cumulative grade point average (CGPA).
  • Students whose attendance falls below 75% but who have Approved Absences will be given an “ABS” grade and will still be required to repeat the module and pay the module fees.
  • Certain subsidies for course fees will not be applicable for a limited number of repeated modules (please check with your Programme Manager in the event this is required).