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About Course

Learn how to bring the Tamil language to life for young learners via creative approaches such as music, drama, and literature. Join the CPMTL-T course to refine your Tamil language skills while mastering the latest techniques and strategies to foster a love of learning in children. You’ll get to:

Immerse in Culture

Enhance your knowledge about Tamil culture and heritage and learn how to integrate ethnic music, dance and drama into your lessons for young children.

Share, Learn and Apply

Exchange and share knowledge with fellow language teachers. Develop spoken language skills, and acquire theoretical and practical knowledge for Tamil language teaching in a classroom setting.

Relevant Training

Learn to use the Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) Framework for Mother Tongue Languages effectively for developing children's language literacy.

Upon graduation, you will be conferred the Certificate in Preschool Mother Tongue Language Teaching – Tamil (CPMTL-T) by NIEC.


Note: In-service L2 teachers with a B4 grade and above in GCE O-level for Tamil Language can be deployed as Tamil Language teachers to teach pre-nursery to K2 children. In-service L1 teachers can teach the Tamil Language for N1 to K2 children, using existing lesson plans.


Find out more about the modules covered in this course here.

Entry Requirements

  • Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education - Teaching (DECCE-T) or acceptable equivalent and minimum B4 grade in GCE O-level Tamil or a Tamil Language Acceptable Alternative (TLAA) ;
  • Advanced Certificate in Early Childhood Care & Education (ACECCE) including minimum B4 grade in GCE O-level Tamil or TLAA and one year of work experience;
  • Higher Nitec in Early Childhood Education including minimum B4 grade in GCE O-level Tamil or TLAA and one year of work experience.

Course Schedule

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6 months/195 hours

Tuesday Thursday: 6.30pm - 9.30pm




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6 months / 195 hours

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Please note:

  • Course schedule and venue are subject to changes. NIEC reserves the right to reschedule/cancel any programme and amend information without prior notice.  
  • Classes will only commence if the minimum class size is met. A confirmation email will be sent to you at least 3 weeks before course commencement. 
  • Priority will be given to applicants enrolling under the Career Conversion Programme.  
  • Your learning is important to us, and we have designed our lessons to facilitate your optimal learning experience for this course. Our courses are largely conducted online and around 30% of lessons will be conducted face-to-face for effective learning across practice-oriented sessions, such as for child safety and child development. You will be expected to attend the face-to-face lessons physically. A schedule of upcoming modules will be provided to you in advance before course commencement. 
  • A course orientation will also be conducted face-to-face where you will be provided with important information about the course, NIEC’s academic policies, the support that you can expect to receive as a student and connect with your community of learning. You are required to attend this session and will be notified of the date and venue 2 to 3 weeks prior to the orientation.

Course Fees

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Before You Apply

Here is a checklist for you to download to prepare your application. 


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