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Celebrating YOU, our Early Childhood (EC) educators!

This year, NIEC celebrated Teachers’ Day with TWO Naptime Webinars in August. What's more - we put together a special video montage to show our appreciation for the hard work educators put in nurturing children! 今年,国立幼儿培育教育学院在 8 月举办了两次的Naptime Webinar,与所有幼教老师们一起庆祝教师节。而为了感激老师们为培育幼儿所付出的一切努力,我们也尽心制作了一段特别视频!




While teachers are highly respected as the pillars of society and the role models for the next generation, teachers are humans too. We can have good and bad days. Hence, NIEC decided to focus the Naptime Webinar sharing on Teacher Resilience, to guide educators in tackling everyday challenges and in maintaining our abilities in an ever-demanding society. 作为社会的栋梁和下一代的榜样,老师都备受尊重。然而,老师和其他人一样,在生活上都会遇到开心和不顺心的时候。因此,我们在此研讨会中,与老师们分享了如何提升并保有韧性,以应对生活和工作中的种种挑战。


Here's what went down!

19 August 2022

Ms. Darseni Rengasamy, Lecturer at NIEC (NP) Campus, highlighted on the importance of resilience within the EC workplace, and how it is an improvable skill that can be built over time. 



Along with Darseni, Mrs. Loke and Dr. Kok Siat Yeow, Deputy Campus Head at NIEC (City) Campus, provided practical tips on combatting everyday work and personal challenges.












最后,安琪老师和宛珊老师分享如何应对不同时期的变化和压力, 以及怎能在艰难的时刻继续前进。





Always remember,
resilience is not a trait but a skill

Use these resources to help you practice and build resilience over time. 记得,韧性不是一种特质,而是一种技能。所以希望老师们使用这些资源来帮助您随着时间的推移学习、培养和实践。



Download the digital handout here, for a step-by-step guide and useful advice from our lecturers on how educators can stay resilient.

您可以点击此链接下载数位版Naptime Webinar讲义,以获取张鸿昌老师在 “提升韧性,与压力抗衡!” 演讲中所提到的5项小贴士!

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