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Welcome to NIEC Alumni Website!

Congratulations, graduands from our Certificate, Diploma and Post-Diploma courses! Welcome to the NIEC Alumni Community for early childhood educators.


You have achieved a new milestone and shown great resilience and commitment to your learning, and will now be recognised as a new member of our growing NIEC Alumni Community! It was definitely not an easy journey, but you have persevered and are now ready to step up to nurture, inspire, educate and care for every child.   


We are committed to support your growth and development as an early childhood educator at every stage of your career. As an alumnus, you will be invited to our exclusive events that will be happening all year round. We are here to help you keep up with the EC community with events and resources tailored to the latest and best practices.


This website is a platform specially created for our NIEC fraternity, so we can foster closer ties with you via workshops, seminars, and other meaningful activities. We have prepared many useful resources ranging from various continuing professional development courses (CPD) for you to upskill to even specially organising exciting activities and networking sessions like our Naptime Webinars for you to interact with other alumni members.


Scroll through to explore more and keep tuning in as this website will be periodically updated with information on the latest early childhood practices and our events.


NIEC Voices

“Being able to meet with experienced educators because of the course was something I am grateful for. Despite never meeting once, we were still able to work and perform well for group presentations and assignments – something I credit to everyone’s professionalism. We even created our own learning circle and helped each other during the course! Up till today, this community we built is still there, for us to share advice and gain support from one another.”


- Wang Qiuxuan

Graduated with Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Leadership (ADECL), Class of 2021

“It was an enriching and meaningful experience that is like no other. You will engage with children and the happiness and joy you see on their faces are surely reflected on your own. No matter how tired you are, just to see a smile on that one child, makes your whole tiring day rewarding and worthwhile. Be open to new experiences and never stop trying even if it may seem tough!” 


- Zuriel Sng

Graduated with Diploma in Early Childhood Development & Education (ECDE), Class of 2022

“Do not be in the industry ONLY because you love children. Do it because you know it will make a difference in YOUR life too. This industry is not just about passion, you need stamina to sustain the tough days, and be rewarded with the good ones too. Celebrate little success, and always begin with the end in mind.”


- Joann Tan

Graduated with Advanced Certificate in Early Childhood Care & Education (ACECCE), Class of 2022

"The internship experience allowed me to work alongside veterans of the Early Childhood industry. It provided with the opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge and skills about working with working children, that would forever be etched on my heart." 


- Dashini Peragash

Graduated with Diploma in Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE) & Outstanding Performance in Internship Prize Awardee, Class of 2022

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