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Learn creative ways of integrating outdoor learning into your school programme. Using a reflective and hands-on approach, you will learn to design, plan and facilitate engaging outdoor learning experiences for 3 and 4-year-olds. This 2-day course will help you explore endless possibilities with the open-ended materials around you. Discover innovative strategies in enabling children to learn and develop through outdoor play. 


You will also be encouraged to think critically about the benefits of outdoor learning, while incorporating key principles and theories into various activities. 


Note: In-person lessons will resume for all upcoming intakes of Creative Outdoor Learning Experiences for 3 and 4-Year-Olds, which will be more effective conducted face-to-face.

Learning Outcomes

Learners will be equipped with the knowledge and skills in the following:  

  • Reflect on educators’ and children’s dispositions, values, attitudes towards outdoor learning.

  • Understand the benefits of outdoor contexts for children’s learning and development.

  • Develop strategies that enable children’s meaningful participation in creative outdoor learning experiences.

  • Build educators’ capacity to facilitate outdoor learning experiences to extend children’s learning.

Entry Requirements

This course is for individuals who are ECDA-certified as L1 or L2 teachers.

Upon Graduation

Upon completion of the course, you will be awarded a Certificate of Attainment from the National Institute of Early Childhood Development (NIEC) and Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA).

Course Schedule

Open For Application Soon


Day & Time


Upcoming Intakes

14 hours

Days 1 - 2:
9am - 5pm


Jun, Jul, Aug, Oct, Nov 2021

Please note:

  • Course schedule and venue are subject to changes. NIEC reserves the right to reschedule/cancel any programme and amend information without prior notice. 
  • Classes will only commence if the minimum class size is met. A confirmation email will be sent to you at least 3 weeks before course commencement.

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