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As the national training institute for early childhood educators, NIEC complements the national effort to uplift the sector by constantly enhancing the early childhood courses that we offer, ensuring that what we teach is practice-oriented and reflects the latest practices in the sector, and also caters to different learners at different stages of their journey in the sector.


Since NIEC commenced operations in 2019, we have been working very closely with key partners including the Early Childhood Development Agency and the Ministry of Education to raise the standards of preschool educator training, so as to nurture a new generation of confident and competent early childhood professionals who will be work-ready, self-directed and reflective practitioners.




To develop early childhood educators to nurture, inspire, educate and care for every child.






The leading institute for early childhood educators - Inspiring excellence in practice




Values - RIC²E


• Respect
• Integrity
• Care
• Collaboration
• Excellence