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Student Intake for FY21/22



More than 800
Pre-Employment Training (PET)




More than 1,700
Continuing Education & Training (CET)



More than 3,500
Continuing Professional Development (CPD)




Over 30% increase
from 2020



The following learning areas remained in demand among operators and trainees:

  • Sectoral Leadership
  • Outdoor Learning
  • Birth to Three
  • Classroom Management
  • Inclusive Practice

Demand has remained high in particular, for leadership courses including ‘Mentoring for Professional Growth’, ‘Mentoring Novice Teachers’ and ‘Mentoring 101: Bringing Out the Best in EC Educators’.
















New Courses Introduced In FY21/22

4 new Certificate courses

  1. Advanced Certificate in Early Years (ACEY - Chinese) 幼儿保育高级证书
  2. Certificate in Inclusive Practice (CIP)
  3. Certificate in Infant Care Practice (CICP)
  4. Certificate in Preschool Mother Tongue Language Teaching - Chinese (CPMTL-C) 学前母语教育证书 - 华文


6 new Continuing Professional Development courses

  • Mother Tongue Language Series
  1. Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) Educators’ Guide (EG) Training for Tamil Language (TL) Teachers
  2. Preschool Tamil Language Drama Infused Workshop for Spontaneity & Creativity
  3. Improving Parental Engagement in the Preschool Classroom (Malay)
  4. Fi-Fai-Fonik: Learning Phonics in Malay through Play

  • Sectoral Leadership Series
  1. Mentoring 101: Bringing out the Best in EC educators (Chinese)

  • Social & Emotional Development Series
  1. Supporting Social & Emotional Development of Preschoolers (Chinese)



  • NIEC (City) saw an intake of more than 1,100 CET students in FY2021.
  • The campus also underwent minor refurbishments to provide a more comfortable and functional learning environment for students.


  • NIEC (ITE) saw an intake of more than 100 PET students in FY2021.
  • Students partnered Bishan Residents’ Committee (RC) to conduct a Father’s Day programme, engaging residents and their families in setting up of terrariums.
  • Faculty members and students partnered NLB in a "Read For Books" campaign where a book will be donated to a beneficiary for every 10 people who read for 15 minutes.
  • A Virtual Global Experiential Programme was conducted with Hong Kong Vocational Training Council (HKVTC) where 260 students had the opportunity to network and exchange learnings about early childhood training.


  • NIEC (NP) saw an intake of more than 600 CET students and 500 PET students in FY2021.
  • Faculty members and students from the Diploma in Tamil Studies with Early Education (TSE) collaborated with KidSTART to support children from low-income families through community engagement projects.
  • Project L.A.H. (Lend-a-Hand) involved over 500 year 1 students, who are taking the Diploma in Early Childhood Development & Education (ECDE) and Diploma in Tamil Studies with Early Education (TSE) at NIEC (NP) where students are empowered to make a difference in their community by engaging community partners and volunteering their time to serve those in need.


  • NIEC (TP) saw an intake of more than 190 CET students and 200 PET students in FY2021.
  • Through the year, students at NIEC (TP) conducted a series of activities for more than 100 kindergarten children where the children learn through stories, games, songs and dances.






NP Teaching Award (NPTA) – Commendation


Tan Hui Min
(Senior Manager)




Rengasamy Darseni
(Course Lead)




Krishnasamy Lalithal
(Course Lead)




Raudhah Binte Yahya
(Course Lead)




Kwan Li Juan Therese




Irma Iryanti Binte Juri




Sakinah Binte Jumahat



NP Associate Lecturer’s Teaching Award


Mariappan Vinothini
(Senior Lecturer)




Shron D/O Sugumaran



TP HSS School Teaching Award


Manto Marie Angelie Malagapo




Like the rest of Singapore, NIEC had to navigate the uncertainties of the dynamic COVID-19 situation and mitigate its impact on outreach activities, student enrolment, engagement and learning, staff engagement and collaboration and operations, while leveraging new opportunities.


In FY2021, various plans were set in motion to enhance the efficiency of NIEC’s policies, systems, and processes to attain strategic objectives.


As we move forward into our fourth year, NIEC looks forward to continue investing in our people and processes in our strive for organisational excellence.


Organisational changes

  • A new Communications and Business Development (CBD) Division was set up to establish NIEC as the brand authority in early childhood training for early childhood educators. Through the Business Development team, NIEC engaged over 30 operators during the year to have a better understanding of their needs on the ground and to identify appropriate courses that could be developed for their educators.
  • A new Student & Academic Services (SAS) Division was formed to streamline processes and consolidate resources to provide all students with a positive learning experience.

Organisational Development
Innovative activities were initiated to promote greater staff participation and welfare amidst the ongoing pandemic.


  • One such initiative was The Blossom series that empowered NIEC staff with the core skills and knowledge to strengthen their leadership competencies and excel in their job roles.
  • To round up the financial year, the NIEC family participated in Rise to RIC²E, a customised virtual simulation to scale Mount Everest as a means for connecting with one another in person, while rediscovering ways to apply our NIEC values in the workplace.

Automation & Efficiency

  • An organisation-wide technical refresh exercise was conducted to ensure that NIEC staff’s equipment and infrastructure can continue meeting the dynamic requirements in the digital age.
  • New technologies were adopted to improve productivity. These included:
    • Introduction of QR codes to make billing and collection processes more efficient for both our students and staff.
    • Utilisation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate student admission workflow.
    • Implementation of cloud-based Trend Micro Antivirus to provide standardisation for proactive weekly antivirus scanning, auto patch management and to allow the IT team to access critical audit logs via cloud immediately when there is an incident, without having to possess the physical computing device in question.


NIEC partners our students to grow and develop by equipping them with the right skills and competencies in every stage of their journey as EC educators. We create learning experiences for our students to make a positive impact for the EC sector as competent and confident EC professionals.


NIEC is committed to continuously engage, support and create value for our students in their journey as EC educators. In FY2021, NIEC has established the Desired Graduate Profile matrix to strengthen our graduates’ workforce readiness. NIEC aspires our students to be Reflective Practitioners, Relationship Builders and Resilient Learners. In the Desired Graduate Profile matrix, each role with its own set of attributes will enable NIEC to review and make necessary adjustments to the teaching content, lesson delivery, and the support needed for students at various touchpoints throughout their educational cycle.


The NIEC experience is special to our students. Meet some of our students as they share their NIEC experiences:



Zuriel Sng


Zuriel Sng is a graduate of the Diploma in Early Childhood Development & Education (ECDE) from NIEC (TP) Campus. He was the president of the ECDE Interest Group and led a team of students who organized various student events and projects.


Growing up in a boys’ school, he was initially a little conscious about becoming a preschool educator. However, looking back at his past experiences, Zuriel feels that there were other factors that played a role in why he decided to take up the ECDE diploma. For example, with his church, he was given the opportunity to go to places like Tanjung Pinang and Batam. There, he interacted with the children while planning and teaching them English. Zuriel never grew tired as he felt that he was feeding off their energy instead, and he felt a sense of satisfaction after seeing the smiles on the children’s faces while carrying out the planned activities even though they were simple things like learning how to name animals in English.


While there were mixed responses among his family and friends on his career choice, Zuriel feels that it is important for children to be exposed to teachers of both genders. This is because as they progress on to primary school and beyond, there will definitely be teachers of both genders. And in a way, to help with children’s transition to primary school, it helps children to be more comfortable with children of both genders.


Zuriel said, “It is an enriching and meaningful experience that is like no other course. You will engage with children and the happiness and joy you see on their faces are surely reflected on your own. No matter how tired you are, just to see a smile on that one child, makes your whole tiring day rewarding and worthwhile. Be open to new experiences and never stop trying even if it may seem tough!”





Dashini Peragash


Dashini Peragash is a graduate of the Diploma in Early Childhood Development & Education (ECDE) from NIEC (TP) Campus.


She had always wanted to be a preschool teacher like her mother.


At the age of 7, her mother would always bring her to the preschool she was teaching at - during the school holidays. She would pack her assessment books and homework for Dashini to study whilst she was preparing for her lessons.

But, instead of studying, Dashini would get her mother’s whiteboard marker and role play herself teaching imaginary children. She would write her name as Ms Dashini on the whiteboard and ask her “children” how the weather looked like today.


Dashini shared that she was not academically inclined when she was younger, but she had such inspiring educators around her who cheered her on. Therefore the thought of being that same cheerleader for another child was what helped Dashni persevere in pursing early childhood.


But it took her two tries at the O-level examination, settling for an alternative course at the Institute of Technical Education and several years of part-time work at an enrichment centre as a teaching assistant, before she could apply to study early childhood education. Eventually, through the annual polytechnic early admissions exercise, Dashini clinched a place in the ECDE diploma at NIEC (TP) campus.


For Dashini, the 6 month internship during the diploma course left a strong impression as it was an unfiltered experience. Dashini shared, “The internship experience allowed me to work alongside veterans of the Early Childhood sector. It provided me with the opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge and skills about working with children, that would forever be etched in my heart.”





Syuhairah binte Hassan


Syuhairah binte Hassan is a graduate of the Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education – Teaching (Conversion) [DECCE-T (Conversion)].


She previously worked as a cabin crew for 6 years before becoming a stay-home mother of two. While she wanted to return to the travel sector, the COVID-19 pandemic changed her mind.


Encouraged by her sisters who are also preschool teachers, she decided to make a mid-career switch and start her early childhood journey at NIEC under the Career Conversion Programme (CCP).


Syuhairah shared that it has been a great experience so far. She said , “At the preschool that I am attached to under the CCP, the teachers whom I work with taught me a lot. The children are amazing too, although working with them can be taxing initially. I am thankful that I am undergoing DECCE-T (Conversion) while working. The training helped me to handle different situations at the preschool more professionally.”





Joann Tan


Advanced Certificate in Early Childhood Care & Education (ACECCE) graduate Joann Tan, has enjoyed NIEC’s practice-oriented training. She shared that there is “precious knowledge that only by interacting with the children, will you be able to learn and reflect from.” Joann was a former piano teacher with a Diploma in Music Performance. She now aims to become a preschool centre principal one day.

She has a keen interest in children with additional learning needs and shared with us that she would be looking towards pursuing a more focused programme on early intervention, with integrating music and EC as her teaching philosophy.


She said, “As a piano teacher, most of my students are children. I’ve always enjoyed teaching children and listening to how they articulate their thoughts. It allowed me to peak into their creative thought processes and this always amazed me. When performing musicians were declared as “non-essential” due to the Circuit Breaker, musicians were the first to go. I needed to make up for my lost income. Since I’ve always enjoyed teaching children as a piano teacher, I thought I could finally spend the circuit breaker period to formally pursue my passion in the EC industry and upgrade my skillset. Do not be in the sector only because you love children. Do it because you know it will make a difference in your life too. This sector is not just about passion, you need stamina to sustain the tough days, and be rewarded with the good ones too.”





Roshmi Ghosh


Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Leadership (ADECL) graduate Roshmi Ghosh shared that she and her group members are very happy with the lecturers as they were very open about sharing their experiences. Their approach, depth of knowledge, and the way they facilitated peer learning and interactivity in class was extremely helpful for the students to acquire new insights.


Roshmi was a former Accountant who became very interested in finding out how she could better support her son’s growth and development when he was just at the right age to enter preschool. This led her to join the EC sector, not just to acquire a recognised EC qualification, but to also learn about the EC pedagogy.

Roshmi has since been working in the EC sector from 2006. However, the course proved to be a challenging one as it put her time management skills to the test. Amidst many late nights due to juggling between caregiving duties, work and her studies, Roshmi understands that the ADECL course is an important one which EC professionals will need to take, before assuming a leadership role in the sector.

She was nominated by her preschool for the ADECL course and has been appointed Centre Principal after completing the course. Before her current appointment, Roshmi was a Vice Principal who also managed a K2 class. She is still very passionate about being in the classroom and enjoys helping children in their learning. Even as a Centre Principal, Roshmi still finds joy in walking into classrooms to conduct demonstrations for her teachers.